German English Translator

German English Translator

Easily translate from German to English and from English to German.

Free app for German to English Translations and English to German Translations. This app could be used for word meanings and as German Dictionary or English Dictionary.

Translation is becoming increasingly essential in our global environments. From students, travelers to employees living in or outside their countries, they all have a need to translate one language to another on a regular basis. German English Translator app is mostly focused on individuals with a thirst for German to English and English to German translations on the go.

Benefits of the German English Translator App

  1. Offers fast and accurate translation results

    In the past, in order to translate German, most of us had to rely on a dictionary. Owing to fact that you'd have to swift through a number of pages to find the meaning of one word, then repeat the same process for another, was not only time consuming but also frustrating. The app is a life saver when it comes to time, offering instant, accurate results without much of a hassle.

  2. Serves as both a German to English and English to German Translator

    The app is designed with a specialization in the translation of German to English along with English German translation. Aside from reduced chances of language inaccuracies, it is also comprehensive and consistent when it comes to your German English translations.

  3. Provides audio responses for clear pronunciations of the translated words

    If German or English is not your first language, you'd be happy to know that the app also offers audio pronunciations. This means that you can hear the words and sentences, as they are translated. This works whether you're trying to translate English to German or, translate German to English.

    The advantage of this is that you can pick up on the pitch, stress or rhythm of specific words and even imitate them precisely, increasing your ability to speak German or English more fluently. You could even type a phrase and let the translation play out to another person, when trying to pass a message across.

  4. Allows you to share your translations with friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, etc.

    One of the German English Translator app's most convenient function is its share feature. This feature allows users to quickly and efficiently share their translated texts with their friends on messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and more. This avoids the need of having to copy or retype the translation results.

  5. Able to translate words, texts, and sentences

    Because one word can have a different meaning in a variety contexts or sentences, the German English Translator app takes care of this problem, with its all-round features. It gives users an option to not only translate words or texts, but also makes the translation of entire sentences a smooth process. This means that you can finally find out what that tweet meant, or what that German paragraph in your favorite novel was all about. You can even have entire conversations with your German friends, without having to be fluent in the language.

  6. Provides word translations along with their meaning
  7. The German English Translator app isn't just about plain interpretation of words and sentences from German to English, you're also able to get the meaning of the words and how to properly use them.
  8. Has dictionary capabilities for both languages

    German English Translator app also acts as a German English dictionary and English German dictionary. The purpose of this is to give you an in-depth description of whatever words you are curious about. You are able to discover how the word can be applied along with its meaning and translation in different sentences from the two languages. This allows you gain a better understanding of words and phrases from both the English and German language.  

  9. Available for free and on the go

    For those who are particularly price-conscious, you can have German to English and English to German translations on the go at no cost. This saves you a lot money, that you could have otherwise spent on a professional interpreter. The German English Translator app only needs to be downloaded to start accessing its features from anywhere, and at any time.

  10. It is confidential and personal

    The German English translation app is much more personal compared to hiring a professional translator. Even more, if confidentiality is crucial to you. Rather than risk handing out sensitive or even embarrassing information to a translator, the German translator app offers you a private alternative, where all the information you translate remains your own.

Who benefits from the German English Translator app?

  1. Travelers

    Picture this, you're in the beautiful landscapes of Germany, probably at a restaurant with a menu that has nothing in English. Don't fret. All you need to do is type some of the words into the German English Translator to unlock the meaning. What's more, communication between you and the server will be much smoother. The same applies to meeting new people or even moving around with ease. You may even learn the local dialect. A German traveler can also employ the same app benefits on their visit to a country whose native language is English.

  2. Students

    Have you ever found yourself needing to research on something that could only be expressed in German? Or that could only be found in the German language? The German English Translation app comes in handy in such situations. By learning through translation, you're also likely to gain a better knowledge of the German or English language while also developing a multi-lingual competence. It also allows you to give meaningful and conscious research results. Besides homework, communication is also made easier among your friends, as you're able learn new phrases from the English German dictionary.

  3. Employers and employees

    As employment continues to be globalized, employers and employees alike are actively on the look out for talents and opportunities outside their vicinity. Considering the app is able to translate full sentences along with its audio translation capabilities, both employers and employees, are able to break through the language barriers, communicate clearly and work together in harmony. Whether its documents, tasks or requirements, you can conveniently translate to German or translate to English.

  4. Service Providers - Taxi, Stores, etc.

    Service providers, especially in areas with a German English language divide, can also benefit from the features of the translator app. If one party is fluent in German and the other isn't or one is more versed in English and the other in German, the translation app can be applied to make conversing much easier and without misunderstandings.

    Although the German English Translator app is not technically a language learning app, its numerous benefits can fast track your German or English language learning experience. What's more, it is a great alternative for those interested in an all-inclusive app, that offers German to English and English to German translations on the go.

German English Translator

German English Translator